Presentation of Self raids

Land Cruzer Self-drive 4x4, it feels even greater freedom to explore on the African trails, cultural diversity and all landscapes. Desert steppe, bush offers unforgettable human encounters. No need to be a flying ace. Your expert guide will explain all terrain during the raid crossing techniques in the sand, navigation, security and especially the African rhythm essential to the heart of the bush. 4x4, double cab in general, are equipped with all safety equipment and GPS that we will explain the operation. The group is composed of four 4x4 utmost to preserve some privacy in meetings with the villagers.
You can take a vehicle only for the pleasure of driving during the raid, or take turns with a maximum of 4 persons per vehicle, this will also leave time to devote to navigation. If multiple drivers, the wheel will be given equal time to each. No notion of speed, only the pleasure of learning driving off-road and participate in a raid where meetings with the various ethnic groups remain the most significant events in emotion. All 4x4 are equipped with GPS tracks constantly modified to preserve the authenticity of the villages.
Two formulas of four and eight days for an unforgettable memory of your African raid. The mileage is not mentioned because the layout depends on individual abilities and meetings during the day, but count between 150 and 220 km / day.

Quad and Buggy
Buggy Fully live meetings, feel the hot air on the skin, breathing the smells of the villages of huts is to live free. The buggy drives like a car, the quad is between the bike and car. You choose to live in the best unforgettable encounters on the African trails. An expert guide will give you support during the raid all tips for steering you to better enjoy the raid strong sensations. You may be new to the slopes, only your driver's license self sufficient.
Quad For driving, a little training will be given at the outset.
Our goal is not speed, but the taste of freedom in an imposing landscape.
A assistance vehicle will carry your luggage.

Raid in the heart of Senegal - 4 days 4x4

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Raid on African trails - 8 days 4x4

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Savannah and desert raid - 5 days Quad or Buggy

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Raid the North-South - 8 days Quad or Buggy

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Ronier de Samba Dia Circuit en buggy Rive du Lac Rose Couche de soleil au Saloum Gite de Lompoul Campement au Saloum

The quads will always lead only for safety, so you can have seats for companions in the assistance 4x4.
The buggies have two seats.
Everything is included even the mineral water during the day and meals.
Fuel is included.
A deposit will initially requested the raid for any driver.
One nights accommodation will be in camp (tent igloo). Complete bedding will be provided (self-inflating mattress).
Your cook will take care of everything!
And in the bivouacs, all drinks are included.
For security reasons, at picnics, no alcoholic beverages! - Contact - Who are we? - Partners - Design PDF icon Download our catalog (in french)

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