Circuit voiture ou minibus.

Saint-Louis Keeping the comfort of a car or minibus we offer tours to explore the ethnic groups of Senegal via some roads and motorable tracks for privacy and sincerity of meeting. A driver guide will accompany you as we have in Senegal no signs on roads and knowledge enriches the quality of your circuit. This approach offers the advantage of some privacy during the trip and the ability to change the decisions and meetings according to your interests.
Journeys by the tar road reducing the time, the circuits are thereby less tiring and leave more time for visits from people living near the cottages.
Made to measure at a reasonable price.

Pirogues de pecheurs Rive du Saloum Stockage du mil Lessive senegalaise Transport en commun dakarois

Loop St. Louis - 4 days

Rose Lake, Desert Lompoul, then Saint-Louis former capital of West Africa where colonial architecture takes us back to another century, it is a striking contrasts that inspires this region.
But it is also the heart of Senegal, where ethnic groups away from modernism offer us a timeless touch ... read more

Saint-Louis on the banks of Sine-Saloum - 8 days

Saloum on the border with Mauritania, we have a road network of "good quality". The transport time is reduced and the time for walks allows a more sincere people in the bush.
A 4x4 will be used for the Bandia Wildlife Reserve (giraffes, zebras, buffalo, monkeys, antelopes ...) as well as for routing in the desert Lompoul ... read more

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