Simal African Cottage

Stretching along a clear and warm (23 to 28 ) lagoon of sea water the Simal Cottage is composed of 24 straw huts overlooking the lagoon, inspired by the nomadic Fulani architecture with private water deprivation. Simal Camp The site is embedded in a vegetation consisting of cheese, hackberry Africa, palm trees and other species protected by the proximity of the sacred grove of the villagers.
All boxes are equipped with fan and mosquito nets while salt water from the inlet does not promote the hatching of mosquitoes. The open-air restaurant in the shadow of cheese trees, or by time under the stars, serves dishes of fresh produces (locally caught fish or shrimp) accommodated to European tastes. During the winter, the outdoor dining are under large mosquito nets with an "Out of Africa. atmosphere restaurant or in boxes. The serenity of Senghor's native…

Horse activity Various free activities are offered:
• Horseback riding horse carriage in the vicinity to explore the village, the health Centre, school, the grove, the healer, etc..
• Ride in a canoe in the mangrove (inlets fringed by mangroves) to explore the mangroves and the many birds that fish in the lagoon waters.
Possibility of hand line fishing or trolling (fishing enthusiasts, please contact us).
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Bos of Simal The Saloum River Farniente in Senegal Restaurant at Simal The camp saw the beach

Palmarin Lodge

In the Saloum islands with miles of pristine beach between river and ocean in the middle of a forest Reserve Le campement vu de la plageThe camp saw the beach 1818 boxes in symbiosis with Niominka and Fulani architecture and decorated with inlaid in the walls of mud.
All boxes have a bedroom with mosquito nets and fan, a rest room, a bathroom (hot water).

Various free activities are offered:
• Horse Riding.
• Horse-drawn carriage rides in the villages of fishermen and salt marshes are managed by women.
• Handline fishing in the mangrove or surf casting in the ocean.
• Mass at the sound of drums at the church of the village.
• Observation of wildlife and flora.
• Boat ride in the mangrove (inlets bordes mangrove) among many birds.
• Fishing enthusiasts, please contact us!
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Palmarin Beach Palmarin Lodge A box of Palmarin The Lodge Palmarin on seabed

Lompoul Desert Lodge

In the midst of the most beautiful desert of Senegal and 5 km from the sea. 26 Mauritanian tents at the foot of large sand dunes. The tents of 20 sqm are scheduled to host 2-3 people maximum and are divided into four sites, each with its own restaurant for privacy and quiet places. The camp Lompoul
Dinners are based barbecue with couscous and vegetables or grilled fish. Ability to organize lunches on the beach with grilled seafood on order and surcharge: "Cameron", prawns, crabs, lobsters, etc...
Toilets and showers: For the preservation of the site, toilets and showers are located 80m from the tents.
An attentive staff is always on site.

Various free activities are offered:
• Ride camels in the dunes at sunset.
• Walk through the dunes to watch the sunrise.
• Visit the weekly market Lompoul sea.
• Swimming on miles of pristine beach.
• African vigil under the stars around the fire to the rhythm of djembes.
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Encampment in the desert Camel in the desert Sleeping in the desert Desert Camp

African Cottage Koba

Located in the heart of the Ferlo in the middle of nomadic Fulani camps, 26 traditional huts with en suite shower. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets, fans and electrical outlets to recharge your devices. Restaurants with nets during the rainy season.
Its location between two major drilling zone forest grazing permits contact with sincere passion that Fulani ethnic group, historians, geographers and ethnosociologist, with its traditions, its lifestyle and its origin have not yet been elucidated. .

Various free activities are offered:
• Walk and meet with the enigmatic nomad Fulani in concessions bordering.
• Visit cart concessions Fulani, a time of milking animals.
• Birdwatching on the African savannah and nature which is a pharmacy open for those travelers whose welcome is sincere and touching.
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Campement de Koba Cases du campement de Koba Campement de Koba

Villagers Cottage of Casamance
Lovers of Casamance, we created three gites with villagers. These cottages built on land owned by them and we finance all the necessary technical equipment (toilets, electricity, plumbing, dishes, linen...).
Then after training and logistical support, we take care of marketing. All income of the cottages back to workers and part is used for social works in the village. These cottages are located in areas of their fascinating culture, and the desire for meetings and exchanges of populations. The times are lived very strong and compensate the comfort that is simple.
Campement de Casamance Campement en Casmance
Mambigne Cottage: situated on a lagoon and 85 km from the Gambian border, it provides an approach Mandingo people. 10 rooms ventilated with shared facilities. Mambigne en Casmance
Elana Cottage: built in the forest and two hundred feet of a tributary of the Casamance River, the cottage is in the heart of the country Diola. Old Catholic Mission, Elana has retained his clinic run by nuns.
Ventilated rooms in traditional buildings with private bathroom.
Mambigne en Casmance
Dioubour Cottage: was located 25 km north of Ziguinchor, the village of Dioubour with its welcome sincere. Several micro-projects portend a real impetus for the development of the people of the village. 10 rooms ventilated in traditional buildings with private bathroom. Mambigne en Casmance
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« Out of Africa » Bivouacs
Spend a night with the sounds of the bush is the true Africa as one imagines.

Bivouac comfort (10 to 100 people)
• Mauritanian tent 4x5 m, mats, mattresses, sheets, blankets and pillows
• Chemical WC
• Solar showers closed
• Meals served at table
• Staff: Cook and Server
• Provision of towels and soap
• Logistical support truck

Bivouac Bivouac aventure (10 to 100 people)
• Igloo tents, mattresses and bedding
• Chemical WC
• Solar showers
• Meals on mats
• Staff : Cook
• Provision of towels and soap
• Logistical support truck

Bivouac Nature (2 to 100 people)
• Igloo tents, mattresses and bedding
• Solar showers
• Meals on mats
• Staff : Cook

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Almadies Lodge
Just 5 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from downtown, the hotel "the Lodge Almadies" invites you to live an oasis of serenity in a refined setting. 36 rooms perfectly equipped, some pool side, some with balcony, all for you to enjoy a pleasant night at the Pointe des Almadies, residential district of Dakar.
The semi-gourmet restaurant and the comfort of the hotel, are strong points for your arrival and departure to the discovery of Senegal.
Mambigne en Casmance

Hotel de Paris at Kaolack
The Hotel de Paris, entirely renovated in 2006, is an institution that has combined architecture of the early century stylee comfort of modernity, as evidenced by its 3 stars. Hôtel de Paris
Its 36 rooms and suite, spacious and bright, are all equipped with satellite TV and telephone. The Hotel de Paris is, for over fifty years, a drop of freshness for travelers and tourists wishing to take a break or lunch.
It is strategically located at the crossroads of the Gambia and major tourist attractions of Senegal: Casamance Bassari the country, the park Niokolo-Koba, Sine-Saloum or St-Louis.
Patio and pool, you can enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation with family and friends.
Room of hôtel de Paris Swimming Pool

Souimanga Lodge
Bordering a tributary of the estuary of the Sine-Saloum, this charming hotel is composed of several independent bungalows on the edge of mangroves. Elegant cuisine, comfortable air-conditioned rooms, the lodge offers peace and serenity in its green.
The refinement in the heart of the bush.
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