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TREK – Mountain Bike
Marcher The Trek is a new way to discover Senegal because very few practiced before.
The large number of small straw villages in the cross rides promotes true and sincere encountering especially as indigenous never sees European trekkers.
After the surprise place for the contacts, the issues, because an European without a 4x4 is a mystery! Saloum Walking also brings the possibility of silence and to hear the cries of animals or birds, to feel the smell of cooked dishes in huts, to find the cadence suited to the bush to live better and understand.
The circuit described below is accessible to all, except the circuit for 8 days Bassari-Bedik Country, which requires good physical condition.

Aside from beverages in lodges, everything is included even the mineral water during the day and meals.
For meals in camp or picnic, all drinks are included.
In case of tiredness, possibility of resuming escort in 4x4 or canoe.

Ronier de Samba Dia Cases pieds dans l'eau VTT's Campement of Senegal

Trek in Savannah and Saloum Islands - 4 days

From the savannah to the Saloum islands, it encounters a multitude of villages where the welcome and exchanges are just richer. The two bivouacs in the heart of the bush promise exceptional ... read more

Trek Bush, Desert & Dating - 4 days

The inexorable advance of the desert makes itself felt in the northern regions. Inhabitants (Fulani, Toucouleur Wolof) had to adapt to this irreversible phenomenon. The dune landscape leaves ... read more

Trek Bush & Sine-Saloum - 8 days

To further explore the bush, it is possible to combine the two circuits 4 days trek. The first trek is the region of Saloum and Nguéniène last village, we take the slopes ... read more

Trek in Bassari & Bedik country - 8 days

In the extreme South-Eastern Senegal, protected by the Niokolo-Koba Park, Bassari and Bédik ethnic group live cut off from all modern civilization. From the masks dance festivals, to animism ... read more
VTT Saloum, Nature & Dating - 8 days
By combining, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, this trip is for those who want to find wilderness (the 4x4 being used as a minimum).
These different modes of locomotion promote encounters with people with a unique ... read more
VTT In the Heart of Bassari and Bedik - 8 days
In the extreme southeast of Senegal, far from any modern, Bédik and Bassari ethnicities have preserved a unique way of life in Africa.
Fleeing slavery, colonization and Islamization, they hid in the mountains of Fouta Djallon ... read more - Contact - Who are we? - Partners - Design PDF icon Download our catalog (in french)

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